The Night of Halloween

One Day a little kid in the Country lived in a nice house. He was called Big JIMM. One day on his big Farm he went for a drive around the Farm to Check on the animals. When Big JIMM went to the Sheep paddick. He saw that some of the sheep were killed So he  went to see what happend it looked like a fox had killed him. That night they had dinner and sat outside for a little bit. Then Big JIMM went to bed. That Night he woke up and heard a noise outside. He looked throw the Window and saw lots of people in Cars. Big JIMM ran down the stairs quietly and went to his Mum and Dads bedroom. Big JIMM said “There are lots of people outside”. Big JIMMS dad said ” what”. Big JIMMS dad looked out the window of his bedroom and saw people taking lots of his things. Big JIMMS dad rang the police and they arrived with a helicopter at 1:00 in the morning. The police arrested them. In the morning they went to feed the animals after that they went to see if there property was there. It all was there.       THE END !!


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